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The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as "partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential." For me, it is all about mindset training and behavior change in order to achieve our goals and resolve our issues with minimal (human) cost and optimal effectiveness…whilst having fun doing it. It is engaging with oneself in a particular process with the intention of getting a better life or a life upgrade.


The MIND is the most fascinating thing. In simple terms, it produces the thoughts and the feelings that dictate our behaviors and decision making processes. We all know that , over a long enough period of time a certain behavior is always going to give a certain result or outcome. That is fact.


So we could potentially get whatever results we actually wanted to if we could precisely pinpoint the related consistent behavior needed for it. What is not so clear for most of us is how to define precisely what we want (goals are usually quite vague) but most importantly what is the consistent behavior needed for it and how to attain it.


Understanding and being able to consciously alter the sequence THOUGHTS • EMOTIONS • BEHAVIOR is how we all go from a particular set of circumstances to another. So theoretically, that is simply how it works when it comes down to getting results, be it on a personal level or on the business side.





We are led to believe that we should all be able to self-regulate, self-improve, selfmotivate, self-everything... that it is a question a will power and discipline. We are also told that practice makes you perfect and that everyone should know right from wrong.

But it’s The lack of confidence, of knowledge, of insight, of perspective, of experience and general consciousness but also the fears, the doubts, the stress, the frustrations and all other paralyzing emotions are the usual suspects behind our failures to take the necessary actions to change the bad habits that would solve our problems or get us to seize opportunities and grow further.

Even the theoretical understanding of the sequence of events leading to results is not sufficient applicable material to necessarily be on top of one’s game. A lot of the success comes from achieving personal growth and development through constantly breaking new comfort zones and there is nothing less intuitive and fear inducing than change or trying new things alone.


The Pride and preconceived ideas about getting help or using a coach can also get in the way of a BETTER LIFE. Coaching is not just for sports professionals or fancy actors, it is for anyone and everyone that wants a better life.


Get a coach... Having a good coach is key to provide an accurate and objective picture of your reality. The reality of your Belief system and consequential emotions and behaviors. A coach will break them down with you and purpose rebuild the whole system so it is exactly what it needs to be for your goals to be hit. It doesn't matter if you are trying to get from Bad to Good or from Good to Great or from Great to Amazing.. the journey to a BETTER LIFE requires to look at your blind spots, the inside of yourself, into the insecurities that define you. For that you need a critical friend, you need a coach.

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