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The most common factor that stops more people from achieving their dreams than anything else is stress. It is our natural response to unfamiliar and / or undesired situations. Together with Fear it can completely stop you from taking the big steps that will change your life.

When you feel that stress, fear is holding you back or you just feeling a bit lost or unsure about what you want or how to get it, you need a coaching strategy, and for that you need a real coach.

Why work with me?

I am not just a good listener or decided recently that i am pretty good at giving maybe i should become a coach.. This is what I professionally do and this what I have done for more than 15 years with clients in 5 different countries and amazing results. Originally from an entrepreneurial, business and corporate background with strong HR and management expertise, I have spent most of my working life helping people figure out what they want and how they should go about getting it whilst developing them into the new version of themselves.

Just like the 3 little pigs story, we will all at some point be challenged the natural circumstances of Life or the dynamics of business. The wolf is always going to show up at some point, and it can take many different forms. I have specialized in helping private individuals and business people alike deal with the big bad wolf trying to blow their houses.

My confidence, my expertise and general capacity to achieve high performances in what I do comes from my vast experience and now uncountable hours of being an agent of change for so many people over the years but also from overcoming challenges in life and business and an absolute fascination for life, human nature, psychology, behaviors, cultures, the mind, the heart, the health and above all helping people.

For some of my clients, a more challenging and pushback working relationship in pursuit of excellence is more adapted, for others, more of an encouraging and hand holding style is suited, but for the vast majority it is a bit of both with the luxury of great systems that can work for everyone.

The very unique and premium AAK touch is that each client gets a very personalized experience fully adapted to their needs. Nothing less.

I work with S.M.A.R.T GOALS, I am result focus and progress oriented. Getting results is a formula, an equation so there is an element of science to the art. I do not just listen and “diagnose” or put labels on people, I care, I take ownership and help put things in place for CHANGE to occur.


I combine different angles and quite naturally switch from:


which helps improve awareness, to set and achieve goals in order to improve on a particular behavior or performance to..


which is kind of directing people overtime along a certain path leading from present state to a desired state


mainly in my areas of expertise specifically but generally speaking it is helping you develop certain cognitive skills and capabilities


helping to shape beliefs and values in a positive way; often a longer term career relationship from someone who has ‘done it before’


helping improve performance by looking at situations from the past and address underlaying psychological issues, looking at original problems not just proximate problems .



Some of my clients are by experiencing challenges already and are seeking help to keep things together, others are getting themselves ready for what life might throw at them and a lot of them are doing just fine but want to do better and grow further. It is through personal development, mindset training and then case by case tailor made relevant upskilling that my clients have been able to see major changes in their capacity to deal with negatives and also take control of their lives or their business.

You shouldn't if you are not prepared to :

1) give 100% efforts and be committed to change

2) show honesty and integrity

3) be open minded or at least curious minded

4) learn, listen and apply

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